Let’s Talk About…Cockroaches!

By J. Christy McKibben

What do you think about cockroaches? Unclean, gross, disgusting, scary? Another adjective? Maybe several more adjectives?

Cockroaches have always frightened me, even before my first one-on-one, live and in-person, encounter with a very adult (large) American cockroach. I remember that experience vividly. As I have (unfortunately) encountered more over the years, I’ve actually become quite amazed by their running speed, as well as the speed at which they discover someone is lurking over or around them.

I love learning about new things, so, as my curiosity grew, I did more and more research to learn what makes cockroaches tick. I found out a ton of information, and I thought I’d create a short book with some of the items I found the most fascinating about cockroaches.

As I say in the book, don’t expect to find anything that you can’t find yourself on the internet. That’s where I did all of my research. And you may know some of the facts included, or you may just not find them fascinating at all. But, I wrote what I believe to be an informative and fun book about everyone’s favorite insect (wink).

I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to purchase this book, please click here.


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