Hello and welcome!

My name is J. Christy McKibben; I’m a published Author and Freelance Writer.

I have freelance experience writing and editing web articles, blog posts, glossary pages, manuals, and newsletters; In addition, I’ve created websites, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations. Research, proofreading, and SEO have been a large part of my work

I’ve self-published e-books and paperbacks in the non-fiction and children genres; and, I’m currently finishing up two more children’s books. In addition to writing and editing, I illustrate my children’s storybooks and coloring books.

Please click the portfolio link here, or above, to see some of my work; and be sure to keep checking back as more awesomeness is added!

If I can write/create/edit a project for you, or if you’d like to collaborate with me, give me a shout at: christy@christymckibben.com.